Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thank you Winter Weirdness 2016!

Yesterday we attended an annual local gaming event called Winter Weirdness. It was such a great time and we met so many great players. Since Sydney was with me we stayed with games that she was interested in playing. In the morning we met a family with a 4 year old daughter and we got to play quite a few games with them. They had quite a few games with them geared towards younger players which was very nice.
We started out the morning playing a dexterity game Rhino Hero. Rhino Hero is basically reverse Jenga. You build a card tower and you have this little maple Rhino that you sometimes have to move to different floors of the building as you are building the tower. Great game if you have young players at home. Each round takes only a few minutes to play.
The next game we played with them was Sushi Go! one of our favorites. We got to play Sushi Go! with a gentleman name Brett and it was his first time playing. He seemed to really enjoy it and even thought he's buy it for his nieces.
The next game we played was Catan Junior. It had been a while since I played Catan but after a few minutes it was just like reading a bike and it all came back. This was Sydney's first time playing any version of Catan and she caught on to it very quickly and then proceed to dominate us all with some of her turns lasting 5 minutes or more.
Then the final game of the morning was Colt Express a wild west, train robbing game. It was a huge hit and one I think we'll have to pick up. Sydney loved the little train and the gameplay is very thematic, If you have kids I'd say this is one to have in your gaming library because after a few plays I could see this game being very quick and without a doubt very much a shoot out on a train in the wild west.
After Colt Express we had to leave for a birthday party but Sydney asked if we could go back after the party which I happily took her up on. We had met a gentleman named Kori earlier that morning who does events for Plaid Hat and Iello and we asked him if we could run-through Mice and Mystics with him. He happily did a session of Mice and Mystics with us which we unfortunately were captured in by being overrun by cockroaches. Kori then followed up the Mice and Mystic session with a demo of Ashes. It was a close match, but unfortunately I had damage redirected to my Phoenixborn when I tried to take his Phoenixborn out at the end and took the loss.
It was just a great time and we want to thank Green Mountain Gamers for hosting such a great event. We hope to attend next year and make it to other events!

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