Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro expand their partnership! Transformers, G.I. Joe & MLP RPGs on the way!


Today Renegade Game Studios and Hasbro announced an expansion on their partnership to include popular 80s franchises G.I. Joe. Transformers and My Little Pony. The product lines will include deck building and role-playing games based off those franchises and will be hitting retailers in 2021.
Also announced was a Mighty Morphing Power Rangers deck building game that will be available to virtually demo during Renegade Con October 9-11.
Details for the upcoming roleplaying games were limited but it was announced that they would be using the fifth edition of the OGL from the world's most popular roleplaying game.
If anyone would like to more details as they get announced you can sign up for the Renegade Game Studios' new letter HERE.

Monday, September 28, 2020

HeroQuest is Back! - The Chaotic Good Cast Episode #69

Hasbro announced a second edition of HeroQuest is on it's way via their crowdfunding platform HasLab! Is it worth the price? Is it just a nostalgia cash grab? Find out our thoughts on episode 69 of the Chaotic Good Cast:

You can back Heroquest at the link below:

Monday, September 21, 2020

VCG EXCLUSIVE! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Mutanimals and Mondo Gecko REVEAL from IDW Games!

 Last Saturday Pete Walsh from IDW Games joined me for GraniteCon@Home and we got chatting about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures "Change is Constant" and "City Fall" as well as Batman: The Animated Series Adventures. You can watch the session HERE.

During the session Pete gave us a VCG exclusive by revealing the upcoming Mutanimals expansion for the Adventures System box cover art!

As you can see it's AMAZING! IDW Games will be announcing shortly how you can acquire this expansion very soon according to Pete. In the meantime stay tuned to IDW Games at and on their Facebook at
Pete also didn't stop with the box art reveal and gave us yet ANOTHER exclusive reveal! This time it is the render of the Mondo Gecko miniature that will be included in this expansion!
As you can see it's TOTALLY TUBULAR! I love the details and the fact that you'll be able to pair Mikey on his skateboard with Mondo!
Let me know in the comments who you are most excited about in the Mutanimals expansion!
Thank you to Pete Walsh and IDW Games for being a part of GraniteCon@Home and giving us exclusive previews for their Adventures line.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Victory Condition Gaming is excited to announce that we are going to be a broadcast partner for GraniteCon@Home Saturday, September 19th from 10AM to 10PM on Victory Condition Gaming's Youtube, Twitch and Facebook!

Here is a look at our GraniteCon@Home schedule:

10AM EST on VCG's Youtube channel - "The Broodsong Beckons":A Q&A with Sam Sleney, First Falling Leaf
Join us for a session with Sam Sleney, creative director for First Falling Leaf for GraniteCon@Home.

First Falling Leaf is the publishing house responsible for the UK Games Expo award winning Sins RPG. In Sam's spare time, he dabbles with miniature painting and music making. He lives in Nottingham with his partner.

You can learn more about First Falling Leaf and Sins RPG at:
You can watch this session HERE.

11AM EST on VCG's Youtube - "A Gallant Discussion":A Q&A with Alan Bahr, Gallant Knight Games
Join us for a session with Alan Bahr from Gallant Knight Games. Alan Bahr is the lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games. A best-selling and award-winning game designer, Alan is best known for the TinyD6 line of games, along with other games such as Cold Shadows, For Coin & Blood, Planet Mercenary and many more.Alan operates Gallant Knight Games with his wife, Erin.

He’s an avid fan of Noir films, Arthurian mythos, smooth jazz, clever role-playing games, and his amazing wife.  

Gallant Knight Games is a tabletop gaming company dedicated to high-quality roleplaying games and card and board games.

You can learn more about Gallant Knight Games at:
You can watch this session HERE.

2PM EDT on VCG's Twitch and FB page - LIVE! Guesspionage - play against US!
Are you good at guessing stats? Do you think you could out guess some of the VCGers? Join us for GUESSPIONAGE during GraniteCon@Home! You can play against us at on your mobile device!
The premise of Guesspionage is quite simple: Guess the percentage (From 0% to 100%) of people who answered yes, or no, to a specific survey question. The closer the player is to the correct percentage, the more points they gain. The other players can also guess if the guessed percentage is higher or lower than the true percentage to gain points themselves, even not during their turn.
You can watch and participate on VCG's Twitch and Facebook.

4PM EDT on VCG on VCG's Youtube - '"Hello, MU/TH/ER. It's me, Drew.":A Q&A with Andrew E.C. Gaska
Join us on Victory Condition Gaming's Youtube channel for a GraniteCon@Home panel with Andrew E.C. Gaska. Gaska is the
gold Ennie and UKGE Award-winning settings and adventure writer for the ALIEN Role Playing Game, Drew is a creative director, designer, and sci-fi author with twenty years of industry experience. He is a freelance consultant to 20th Century Fox, maintaining continuity and canon bibles for Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. For seventeen years he consulted for Rockstar Games on titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Drew has written two Planet of the Apes novels and is also the Senior Development Editor for Lion Forge Animation. He lives beneath a pile of action figures with his glutenous feline, Adrien.
You can watch this session HERE.

5PM EDT on VCG's Twitch and FB page - LIVE! Trivia Murder Party - play against US!
Do you think you can outsmart some of the VCG regulars? Do you love trivia? Take us on in Trivia Murder Party! All you need is to tune in and go to on your mobile device!
Trivia Murder Party starts off with up to 8 players, all living and ready to die. First, they have to answer a question. While in most games all of the questions are complicated trivia, on occasion there have been memory puzzles with 4 answers to a question regarding a photo. If you get a question wrong, you are sent to the Killing Floor, and must fight for your life in a randomly selected minigame. If you lose the minigame, you die. However, ghosts are still able to win the game through the final round.
You can watch and participate on VCG's Twitch and Facebook.

6PM on VCG's Youtube -"Cowabunga, Shellheads!":A Q&A with Pete Walsh, IDW Games
Join us on Victory Condition Gaming's Youtube channel for GraniteCon@Home to hear how this super fan turned game designer and what projects he has in the works for IDW Games. Pete Walsh is a totally bodacious game designer for IDW Games. After two extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns that pulled in over $2.4 million in funding, he now works with popular IPs - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman:The Animated Series as the Adventures System Manager.
You can watch this session HERE.

7PM on VCG's Twitch and FB page - "Getting Colorful with Tony V", Black Moon Games
Join us for a session of miniatures painting and hobby talk with Tony Vandenberg "Tony V" from Black Moon Games for GraniteCon@Home.
You can learn more about Black Moon Games at

9PM on VCG's Youtube - "Into the Void":A Q&A with Christoffer Sevaldsen, Black Void RPG
Christoffer Sevaldsen has been creating stories, building worlds, playing and GM'ing role-playing games since he was 10 years old; first with the older kids in school and later in multiple groups, in ASA institutions, participating in RPG/gaming-cons across Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.
He is a former marketing director, musician, logo/brand designer and holds a B.A. in philosophy and a M.A. in communication. 
The BLACK VOID RPG is his full-time occupation and his remaining waking hours are split between dreaming up new games and his family of three boys.
Check out this session HERE.

All of the GraniteCon@Home Youtube content will be available for viewing after the live sessions.

Thank you to Granite State Comicon for letting us be a part of their virtual event this year. 
If you would like to learn more about Granite State Comicon, New Hampshire's finest comic convention since 2003, check out

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