Friday, October 14, 2022

Fearsome Wilderness - The Creepiest Year Zero Engine RPG Yet?! | Interview w/Matt Cross


Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG goes live on Kickstarter on October 20th. Your characters begin the game as prisoners aboard a transport spaceship who has recently awoken from long-term hibernation. In the prologue scenario, the prison transport ship crashes on a densely wooded planet inhabited by unnatural fearsome critters of American lumberjack folklore. The horror is compounded by the fact that waking up from such an extended hibernation can do strange things to the mind. In this session we chat with Matt Cross from Geektopia Games and the designer of Fearsome Wilderness. Click HERE to watch. You can follow the Fearsome Wilderness RPG Kickstarter here: Download the Fearsome Wilderness Quickstart here:

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