Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Outbreak: Undead 2e Q&A w/Alex Huilman - Hunters Books

WE SURVIVED! That's right - no casualties on tonight's Q&A with Hunters Entertainment's Alex "Red Eye" Huilman as we chatted about Outbreak: Undead - A Zombie Survival Simulation RPG! Check out our session and find out why I think if you are a fan of a certain "shambling, not alive" show this is the game to pick up on Kickstarter! Outbreak:Undead 2e Q&A w/Alex Huilman - Hunters Books
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

HEAVY METAL THUNDER MOUSE Q&A w/Derek Kamal & Jacob Hunt - Shoreless Skies

Tonight I switched things up and had Kent Blue from Roll to Play Podcast with me to co-host a Q&A with Derek Kamal founder of Shoreless Skies Publishing and game designer of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse currently on Kickstarter! Also joining us is the artist for HMTM - Jacob Hunt. Tune in and learn more about the RPG that's being called "Mouse on a Motorcycle meets Sons of Anarchy"!
Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse Q&A

Monday, October 9, 2017

Forbidden Lands RPG Q&A w/Tomas - Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan)

Join me as I chat with Tomas from Free League Publishing (Fria Ligan) about their latest Kickstarter - Forbidden Lands! Click here for Free League Publishing Q&A

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Forbidden Lands is a new take on classic fantasy roleplaying. It is an open-world survival tabletop RPG with art by legendary Swedish fantasy artist Nils Gulliksson and the masterful Simon Stålenhag, lore by acclaimed fantasy author and game writer Erik Granström and game design by the Free League team that brought you Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis: The Third Horizon and Tales from the Loop RPG.

You can learn more about Free League Publishing at: