Friday, October 14, 2022

Assassin's Creed RPG Just Announced by CMON! Preorder coming in 2023!


Assassin's Creed RPG was just announced from CMON Games in collaboration with Ubisoft.

Fans of the video game can expect a deep dive into a wealth of lore and history pulled directly from the series' core line, as well as the over two dozen spin-off games. Assassin’s Creed and roleplaying fans can expect a deluxe set of the books, along with numerous game supplements and enhancements, like character miniatures, detailed maps, and game aids. Preorders will be starting in 2023. You can see the announcement here:

Fearsome Wilderness - The Creepiest Year Zero Engine RPG Yet?! | Interview w/Matt Cross


Fearsome Wilderness: The RPG goes live on Kickstarter on October 20th. Your characters begin the game as prisoners aboard a transport spaceship who has recently awoken from long-term hibernation. In the prologue scenario, the prison transport ship crashes on a densely wooded planet inhabited by unnatural fearsome critters of American lumberjack folklore. The horror is compounded by the fact that waking up from such an extended hibernation can do strange things to the mind. In this session we chat with Matt Cross from Geektopia Games and the designer of Fearsome Wilderness. Click HERE to watch. You can follow the Fearsome Wilderness RPG Kickstarter here: Download the Fearsome Wilderness Quickstart here:

Castaway - It's Like Mörk Borg Meets Robinson Crusoe | RPG Interview with Monomyth Games


Castaway is a standalone shipwreck survival horror OSR tabletop role playing game compatible with the award-winning table top RPG MÖRK BORG. Players are unfortunate lost souls stranded on a far off island... but they aren't the only ones there. With rules for exposure, building shelters & crafting, hunting & gathering, debilitating ailments, escape plans, an island weather system, a menagerie of wildlife and monsters, and mysterious island encounters, players will have to fight tooth and nail exploring the harsh island environment to survive against the odds.

I got to chat with the team at Monomyth Games Matthew Chaimis and Dalton Shaul about the development and the details of their deserted island Mörk Borg infused RPG, Castaway. Click HERE to watch, Castaway is currently on Kickstarter from Monomyth here: You can learn more about Monomyth at their website