Friday, February 3, 2023

APOCALISSE - JOHN'S GUIDE TO THE ARMAGEDDON - It's Mad Max mixed with Renaissance Dark Fantasy

Apocalisse - John's Guide to Armageddon is the definitive 5E setting based on the Book of Revelation by St. John, and it will lead you into the final war between angels and demons.

In the immense Armageddon battlefield, the ultimate fight between angels and demons, between those who fight for the Throne of the Lord and those who serve the Abyss, has started. Coming from Two Little Mice and Acheron!

Jason and I look through the Quickstart and give our thoughts! Click HERE. Join the Kickstarter campaign on February 15th - Link for the Quickstart:

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Vast Grimm | RPG Actual Play with co-designer, Brian Colin


Vast Grimm | RPG Actual Play with co-designer, Brian Colin

You can watch out Vast Grimm session HERE.

Vast Grimm is a stand-alone, art-filled, punk-fueled OSR role-playing game about the few humans remaining in a universe being consumed by growing parasitic würms. A sci-fi horror RPG set in a dying universe // New splatterpunk adventures and expanded rules // Inspired and infected by Mörk Borg X_X Are you a MAnchiNe ravaged by war, pieced together with remnants of bots and the little flesh left of your body? Maybe you're a twisted biochemist shoving needles into your arms in hopes that this next fix will be the one that saves you and what’s left of humanity? Or perhaps you are a soul survivor, like a cockroach, doing whatever is necessary to stay alive even if it means the rest of your Legion must perish. This is a game about survival, no matter how gruesome things get, humanity must survive. Back the Vast Grimm: Into Oblivion Kickstarter: