Sunday, September 25, 2022

HEROES OF CERULEA – Pixelated Dungeon Crawl Tabletop RPG "Woodland Temple" | ACTUAL PLAY

Heroes of Cerulea is an adventure tabletop role-playing game where you explore dungeons, fight monsters, solve puzzles, gather keys, find new items, and defeat bosses.

Lo-fi art and rules; high playability. It's heavily inspired by the classic Legend of Zelda games, and by old-school role-playing. In this session, we play Heroes of Cerulea GM'ed by the game's designer Lucas Falk.

Click HERE to watch our actual play! Check out Heroes of Cerulea on Kickstarter - Check out the free quickstart bundle now—including game rules, tools, and a prepared dungeon HERE: You can learn more about Blackfisk Publishing here:

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