Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Pirate Borg Now on Kickstarter from Limithron!

Pirate Borg is a scurvy-ridden, rules-light, art-heavy tabletop RPG. Inspired by history, fantasy, horror, and rum. Your cutlass & flintlock won't save you from the hordes of skeletons, the Kraken, or even your own crew.

Pirate Borg is a self-contained, rules-light game based on and compatible with Mörk Borg. It is written, illustrated, and laid out by Luke Stratton (Limithron), an independent artist and creator based in Denver, CO.
VCG was lucky to have Luke give time to our show for two sessions. In the first session, Luke and Doug talked all about Pirate Borg and answered questions from our VCG Discord community. You can watch that session HERE.

Then for the second session, we got the Chaotic Good Cast together to play a one-shot GM'ed by Luke! You can watch the second session HERE.
You can view the Kickstarter here: The Limithron Patreon is here:

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