Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Zombicide Chronicles RPG Actual Play "Cruise of the Dead"

 Zombicide Chronicles RPG Actual Play "Cruise of the Dead"

In Zombicide: Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game by CMON, players take on the role of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. They must learn to work together, trust one another, and form strategies to fight the zombies if they want to stay alive. Transmissible diseases, non-functioning toilets, people falling off the promenade into the sea... what isn't there to like about cruises? Now three days out to sea our passengers also have to deal with zombies! I think once our passengers get off this ship the cruise line is going to get some very strongly worded letters. See if our cast survives their "luxurious" accommodations aboard the Childlike Empress and possibly radio for help to finally end this trip gone to hell in a special VCG Halloween one-shot "Cruise of the Dead"! Click HERE to watch our RPG Actual Play. You can download the Zombicide Chronicles quickstart here:

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