Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Doug and Sydney!

Just a quick note before we all dive into the festivities tomorrow to say we want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with family, friends and good food.

All of those working retail over the next few days - hang in there. I worked retail for over 15 years (even in management a few years at KB Toys) and I know this time of year is very difficult for those of you in retail. I will say that Sydney and I will not be participating in any Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday, or weekend shopping this week just because we have so much going on. We've never been Thanksgiving evening shoppers though just because I think this world needs a day where we all sit back and reflect on what we have and spend time with family and friends.

One thing we are very thankful for is all of the support we've received this year as we started our online presence and grown our channels. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, followed, liked commented on or viewed anything we have created. When we started all of this I wasn't sure if there were other parents like myself that liked to game with their kids but I thought "What the heck. I'll upload different things and see what happens." Little did I know that there is a huge demographic of not just tabletop and board gamers but also gamers sharing that enjoyment with their kids. Thank you for showing me that I'm not the only one embracing the "victory conditions" of teaching your kids the skills that go along with playing tabletop games and RPGs and also having fun with them at the same time.

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