Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Household "Pride & Prejudice & Centipedes" | RPG Actual Play


Household is a Role-Playing Game published by Two Little Mice that is filled with adventure, intrigues, and social interactions set in a large abandoned House. It takes place in a world that resembles the first years of our XIX century, in which each room constitutes a proper nation you can explore. Players of Household take on the role of littlings, little beings of the Little Folk from European folklore. Together, these littlings will go on to live little great adventures that span over five of the most troubled years in the history of the House, beginning at the end of the First Household War and living in the shadow of a new threat. It was a magical period when all Folks came together in new alliances despite old disagreements, a time of ideological and industrial revolutions. All this, while always on the brink of a diplomatic incident. Household is an RPG that uses small pools of six-sided dice to determine the outcome of uncertain actions and events. When rolling dice in Household, your goal isn’t to roll the highest or lowest possible total, but to combine as many equal symbols as you can in pairs, three-of-a-kind, and so on.

Tonight Josh (Tubo), Em (Hannah) and Katie (Sienna) played the quickstart adventure "Pride and Prejudice and Centipedes" GM'ed by Doug. You can watch the session by clicking HERE. You can purchase Household on DrivethruRPG here: Quickstart - Corebook - Sourcebook - Two Little Mice website -

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