Thursday, March 3, 2022

Death In Space RPG Review - Is It Sci-fi Mörk Borg?


Death In Space was one of my most anticipated roleplaying games of 2022. Is it a science fiction re-skin of Mörk Borg? If you didn't like Mörk Borg is there a chance you'll enjoy Death In Space? Is Death In Space still one of my most anticipated RPGs of 2022 now that I have a copy in my hand? In this video, I take you through the book, tell you what I like about it and let you know if it still is going to be one of my favorite RPGs of the year.
Click HERE for the video review. Death in Space was created by Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell. You can learn more about Death In Space at The online PC generator is here:

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