Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mythos Rules and Gubbins Box Review

Quite a few folks know Warcradle Studios from their popular Wild West Exodus miniatures game, but they have recently put out a Lovecraft inspired skirmish game with highly detailed miniatures - Mythos.
Mythos can be played head to head as a one off game or you can create epic, multi-scenario campaigns as competing factions wage war against each other and this shadowy world that actually underlies the real one.
Today, we'll be looking at the Rules and Gubbins box as it provides everything that is needed for players to use with their miniature factions to play the game. This box retails for around $24.99.

Immediately, I like how Warcradle Studios has made this box as it's own release so that you aren't stuck with having to buy a particular faction as a starter set like most miniature skirmish games. The packaging is much better quality than I anticipated as you'll see more evidence of below.
The back of the box shows all the contents included inside very clearly. Immediately, I notice that the 6 sided dice are not branded and think how that might have been a missed marketing opportunity. Also I'm hoping that the tokens are MAYBE plastic? I'm guessing they are punchboard though.

As I mentioned previously, the packaging is really well done. I'm immediately surprised by this slipcase and thought it was just a  normal box. The foil brand stamping on the top of the package is a nice touch.

Inside there is some empty space, but I expected that to be the case.

Mythos uses 2 six sided dice per player so having four included in this box is nice. The dice are nice quality and again I think not having the Mythos logo on the "six" side is a missed opportunity.

The rulebook is 44 full color pages. The cover is thicker stock than the interior pages which I find adds to the quality of this book. I will say that this rulebook is available for FREE on the Mythos website HERE, but having a printed copy on hand while you play is always the best option
in my opinion.

The next item included is a clear, etched plastic, area of effect template of excellent quality.

Finally, as I expected, the condition tokens are indeed punch board. The upside is that the board is thick so the tokens feel good in your hands and will hold up to some wear and tear. There are even two boards of tokens included in this box so that each player has their own set, but in that case you may need more. 

So what do I think?
Overall, a very nice box set. Priced at $24.99 and having enough dice and tokens for both players to be able to play rather than just enough for one player, it's worth the price. I'm sure branded dice and plastic condition tokens would have upped the cost and the retail price so I appreciate Warcradle Studios making the barrier of entry into this game lower than a lot of games out on the market. The fact that you can pick this box set up along with a faction box at around $45 and have everything you need to play the game for one player at a total cost around $70 total isn't a bad value. 
I will say that everything that is included in this box is FREE for digital download along with the cards for the miniatures. 
If you and your friends are looking for a Lovecraft inspired miniatures skirmish game with easy to learn rules, go check out Mythos from Warcradle Studios. 


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