Sunday, April 5, 2020

VCG CON starts tomorrow at 1PM EDT!

VCG Con starts tomorrow at 1PM EDT with not one but TWO RPG actual plays! Click HERE for our Youtube channel to catch all of VCG Con!

First up is Christopher Grey's Happiest Apocalypse on Earth at 1PM EDT. HAoE is currently pay what you want on DriveThru RPG here: 
4PM EDT we have a top 5 Gateway Games (both board games and RPGs) panel with Ben Higgins from Quarterstaff Games, Tori Trombley-Cordiale from Joined by Gaming, Mike Elliot from Sour Llama Studios, Will Munn from Adept Icarus and Andreas Lundstrom from Sweden Rolls podcast!
At 6PM EDT we have Bryce Whitacre from Fearlight Studios running his game Baker Street - a Sherlock Holmes inspired RPG!
Then at 9PM EDT we'll have an episode of The Chaotic Good Cast!
Thank you to everyone for helping spread word! I'm very excited to get VCG Con rolling! I hope everyone is safe and healthy! -Doug

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